‘The Predator’ Kai Greene

Place of Birth: Brooklyn, NY
Leagues: IFBB
Competition Weight: 256 lbs
Off-Season: 300 lbs
Age: 39
He is enigmatic. From Kai Greene went from underdog to top winning the Arnold Classic 2009, the mystery machine Greene, like the man himself, has only gotten bigger over time. He has layers, their perception of bodybuilding as a sport and part art, his belief in the physical as a means of expression and full communication.


The beginning of his bodybuilding career helped him build his confidence and belief in their own ability as a competitor in good faith. Greene spent most of middle school traveling to different shows and taking teen titles. Before the age of 19, he turned pro with a natural organization and the distinction of being the youngest professional bodybuilder Natural World remains.

Greene is as original as it is difficult to determine for the simple reason that he speaks with his body as much, if not more, than words.

“It’s very interesting to try to be the best all-not a hundred percent better or worse than that thing.” – Kai Greene


Jonathan Delarosa

Place of Birth: New York, NY
Leagues: IFBB
Competition Weight: 225 lbs
Off-Season: 265 lbs
Age: 30
If it were not for the father of Jonathan Delarosa, Delarosa not be the bodybuilder it is today.
Jonathan Delarosa

Not only was his father the most muscular fathers all his friend’s parents, but also maintain current bodybuilding magazines in the house selection. Without much thought, Delarosa training began imitating his father when his father and a protein shake Delarosa ask the exact same mix. The training helped win a place in its high school basketball, a sport he continued to play through high school all spending hours on his part in the gym trying to become a better athlete.

After a successful four years in college basketball and high school football, with a few games left in his last football Delarosa shattered coccyx and sacrum leaving him bedridden for six months. As the weeks passed, his muscles withered. But at Delarosa soon as he was back in his He entered the gym on the hardest training I ever had and the fulfillment of dream newfound feet – to compete in a bodybuilding contest. Since then he has gone pro and competed in dozens of events.

Beyeke’s Back WorkOut

The Frenchman Lionel train your lats Beyeke:

One argument you’ll hear many bodybuilding fans who have been following the sport enough contends that some of the athletes of today could face off against the best the sport had to offer in the 1990s There were several bodybuilders, this line of thinking goes, they could have won the title of Mr. Olympia-including Flex Wheeler, Shawn Ray and Kevin Levrone-but did not, mainly due to the dominance of multi-title winners Olympia Dorian Yates and Ronnie Coleman. To be fair, some give, we can imagine today as champions Phil Heath, Kai Greene and Shawn Rhoden go hand in hand with the best of the 90s had to offer and qualifying admirably.

Lionel Beyeke

But get past the top 3 Olympia today, the argument goes, and the talent level is far from satisfactory. The current guys just do not bring the strange grainy conditioning consisting of yesteryear. People with this view seem to lose sight of the fact that now there are men out there in IFBB bodybuilding stage with the potential to redefine the sport. Men like Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay and Cedric McMillan, who, if ever live up to its potential or what is foretold to them by fans and experts can easily imagine bending against the best Yates, Coleman, and the team had to offer.

The Frenchman Lionel Beyeke falls into the latter category. Now, there have been some good bodybuilders to leave France in the last 25 years: Thierry Pastel, Mohammed Benaziza and Francis Benfatto immediately come to mind. And while we’re on the subject of Francophonic muscles, let’s not forget the Black Panther, the incomparable Serge Nubret. But none of them, except Nubret, possessed the unique gifts that Beyeke born in Cameroon is to do well on.


after a brief warming in step by step, Beyeke begins his training back with wide grip pullups. Nothing beats this proposal gives the line at the bottom where Beyeke can pass under its own weight, and feel it in your lats all the way to its more insertions. Beyeke dominated even make the season when he’s around 300 pounds. He pulls himself up to his biceps and triceps are parallel to the floor, before lowering himself into a constant rate to the lowest position. He not tightens your body or kicks your legs to get into the first position. The amounts of weight you’re carrying in your frame Beyeke determine how many repetitions can be performed in this movement, which heats all the back and get the blood flowing.


Second year will Beyeke typical T-bar rows or bentover rows. He keeps his body at an angle of 60 degrees and pulls the bar into your upper abdomen, squeezing your lats at the top, which extends to the bottom. If he is doing bentover rows (not pictured), Beyeke can work up to four 45-pound plates with a secret handshake, a style made famous by Dorian Yates. Even with that kind of weight does not change its shape of its first conjunction with a face plate: Beyeke controls weight; do not control the weight.


Beyeke make those in a traditional machine pulley seated row machine or a low row plate loaded (not pictured). It is midway through his training now, and your lats are fully pumped. Never one to get caught up in the numbers game of how much weight you are lifting, Beyeke is especially careful to pause now with elbows drawn back into the concentric position, before feeling really stretch their lats for allowing the release lever hands and arms forward.

EXERCISE 4: panoramic or CLOSE-GRIP Cinema reality

That would make if I had the energy dominated, but Beyeke is exhausting its dorsal and now sits in a telecine machine for three more games of muscle stimulation. Like sitting in their rows, pausing Beyeke at the bottom of this movement draws elbows back, squeezing every last drop of sentiment that can enter your lats, knowing this will cause further muscle hypertrophy and add to an already impressive back.

NPC NEWS UPDATE: Final Qualified Competitors For The 2014 Olympia

After a Year of Intense Battles on Stage, These are your Competitors Qualified for the 2014 Final
The Olympia Will Be Held From September 18 To 21, 2014 Las Vegas, Nevada.


mr olympia

2014 Mr. Olympia!
Phil Heath
Kai Greene
Dennis Wolf
Shawn Rhoden
Dexter Jackson
Ibrahim Fahim
Justin Compton
Steve Kuclo
Branch Warren
Mamdouh Elssbiay
Juan Morel
Roelly winklaar
William Bonac
Victor Martinez
Jonathan Delarosa
Evan Centopani
Lionel Beyeke
Cedric McMillan
Johnnie Jackson
Jojo Ntiforo
Essa Obaid
Fred Smalls
Women’s Physique Showdown!
Dana Linn Bailey
Tycie Coppett
Sara Hurrle
Toni West
Patricia Melo
Sabrina Taylor
Jennifer Robinson
Frances Mendez
Nathalie Falk
Juliana Malacarne
Samantha Hill
Mindi O’Brien
Tamee Marie
Leila Thompson
La’Drissa Bonivel
Karin Hobbs
Heather Grace
Rachel Baker
Karina Nascimento
Olga Beliakova
Roxie Beckles
Jacklyn Sutton Abrams
Sandra Lombardo
Jillian Reville
Fitness Olympia:
Adela Garcia
Oksana Grishina
Tanji Johnson
Myriam Capes
Bethany Cisternino
Marta Aquiar
Fiona Harris
Regiane Da Silva
Danielle Ruban
Whitney Jones
Trish Warren
Amanda Hatfield
Somkina Liudmila
OLYMPIA 212 Showdown
James Flex Lewis
David Henry
Kevin English
Jose Raymond
Eduardo Correa
Sami Al Haddad
Guy Cisternino
Aaron Clark
Charles Dixon
Hidetada Yamagishi
Mark Dugdale
Raul Carrasco
Ahmad Ahmad
Baito Abbaspour
Mboya Edwards
Ms. Olympia:
Iris Kyle
Alina Popa
Debi Laszewski
Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia
Brigita Brezovac
Simone Oliveira
Anne Freitas
Rita Bello
Sheila Bleck
Margie Martin
Christine Envall
Alana Shipp
Lisa Giesbrecht
Jennifer Sedia

Diet Of Olympic Champions

Here’s an example of what an Olympic heavyweight male rower can eat when training three times a day.

The diet provides about 6,000 calories a day. There is more than adequate for athletes training intensive and not recommended for the general public.

Diet Of Olympic Champions Diet
7am: breakfast:
•    1 liter fruit squash
•    large bowl of cereal, such as Weetabix, muesli or  porridge
•    1-2 thick slices wholegrain bread with olive oil or sunflower spread and honey or jam
•    half pint semi-skimmed milk plus chopped banana
•    glass of fruit juice
8am: training :
•    1 liter sports drink during training
9.45am: post-training second breakfast:
•    2 thick slices wholegrain bread with olive oil spread
•    portion of baked beans
•    1-2 rashers grilled lean bacon
•    portion of scrambled eggs
•    1 liter fruit squash
•    portion of grilled mushrooms or tomatoes
11am: training:
•    500ml low-fat milkshake after training
•    1 liter sports drink during training
1pm: lunch:
•    mixed side salad
•    pasta with bolognese or mushroom sauce and chicken
•    1 liter fruit squash
•    fruit
4pm: training:
•    1 liter water or sports drink during training
5.30pm: post-training snack
•    500ml water
•    large bowl of cereal with half pint semi-skimmed milk, or sunflower spread or 4 slices toast with olive oil and jam with large glass of semi-skimmed milk
•    fruit
7.30pm: dinner:
•    750ml water and squash
•    6large such as broccoli, portion of vegetables, corn or peas, carrots
•    1 bagel
•    1 banana and  1 low-fat yoghurt or other fruit
•    boiled rice, large sweet potato or 7 boiled new potatoes
•    such as salmon, grilled meat or fish, , chicken or tuna, or lean red meat
9.30pm: bedtime snack :
•    1 cereal bar with low-fat hot chocolate
10.30pm: bed:

At-least 10 Hours Rest

Healthy Eating: Phil Heath’s Winning Meal Plan

Follow the nutrition plan muscle building bodybuilder Phil Heath to gain quality muscle.
phil heath Diet
There was a time, if you were a professional bodybuilder, was expected to eat and eat and eat until you can eat no more. You ‘?? D things your Piehole morning, afternoon, evening – ?? Especially at night – in an attempt to pack on the pounds in any way he could. Burgers were good. Pizza was better. And don’t forget the ice cream. You have to have ice cream. As a result of this greedy behavior, off-season bodybuilders are often confused with carnival rides instead of aspiring to be athletes. Sometime during its first century of existence, the competitive bodybuilding metamorphosed a quest to achieve the ideal male physique for a career relentless out-roly-poly any other.

But that was then and this is now. Enter bodybuilding diet champion Phil Heath-building mass, which will help you gain quality mass – muscle with minimal fat, the guy is probably looking for. It is?? It is an approach that, although unusual in today’s?? Hardcore Gyms, makes perfect sense to Phil for several good reasons:

The appeal >> “My profession is professional bodybuilder, so I feel that one should look not only for a couple of weeks a year, but for the whole year,”?? Phil says.

Feeling Good >> “When I’m?? M too heavy, I feel slow and lethargic some body fat is a good thing for the extra energy it gives you in the gym, but too much of it and I feel like a. vague “.

Good for Business >> “?? Now that I’m in?? Pro ma, only allow call to make an appearance posing special-anytime look the best guest-posing, is more likely to be asked to do. Other. “??

Good Times >> “?? Is?? Is much easier to prepare for a competition when you have only 20 pounds to drop instead of 50 years was ready for Colorado until I was so relaxed in recent weeks prior to the show instead of having to lose those last few kilos. “