Phil Heath To Launch Gifted Nutrition?

Phil Heath announced yesterday that left Muscle-Tech as its supplement sponsor, and asked her who thought going with fans. Well … It seems that the secret is out, and we’re breaking news here first in

We must say that this has not been confirmed by Phil Heath or any of its management, so we have to report this as a rumor, so that said, let’s stop doing what we find to talk about.

Phil Heath Gifted Nutrition

# 1 – The logo

Found this logo on the sponsors list 2014 Mr. Olympia.

Mr Olympia gifted nutrition sponsors

# 2 – The (GN Gifted by Gifted Nutrition, LLC)

You can click here to see the list of brands or read a section of the mark below …

“Driving directions to Gifted Nutrition, LLC products and GN is provided.GN HUNG NUTRITION is a product created by Gifted Nutrition, LLC in 4230 Nautilus Drive, Suite B, Miami Beach, FL, 33140 The GN is nutrition GIFTED a product related to dietary and nutritional supplements. Then EQUIPPED WITH nutrition product not yet been made public yet in the United States. GIFTED GN nutrition is in the category of Pharmaceutical Products. ”
# 3 Product names?

When you look up trademarks and website owners can find some pretty interesting things online, like what brand names Gifted Nutrition, LCC has trademarked. Brands include…



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