Evan Centopani Signs With Prime Nutrition!

Boca Raton, Florida – It is with great excitement and pleasure that on this day, Prime Nutrition is taking another giant step in the industry’s ultra-competitive supplements. We are pleased to announce the signing of one of the brightest stars of all professional bodybuilding, Evan Centopani, a contract that guaranteed five years provides a unique opportunity for an athlete of the caliber of Centopani.

Evan Centopani.jpg

Evan not only be the face of Prime Nutrition brand, but will also serve as an executive, working on new products and business development. He will lead a formulator of all the new products coming to market around the world and have an integral role in closed meetings on the future of strategic planning goal. The terms of the agreement are in place to set Centopani long after his competitive bodybuilding days are behind him.

As many of you know, Centopani had been part of a company established in the past seven years, making this movement does not come easy. However, the agreement was presented to Evan that he simply could not refuse. As fans of his knowledge, walks to the beat of their own drum and is meticulously before making decisions. It should come as no surprise that he took advantage of this new beginning.

Centopani and president of Prime Nutrition, PJ Braun, have been close friends for over a decade. From friends, training partners, and now business associates. Rarely in business Can a dynamic mix together so unique; Prime Nutrition CEO, Aaron Singerman, has also had the greatest respect and adulation for Evan for several years. Although the ink is barely dry on this agreement, mutual admiration and like the mentality is undeniable.

Stay tuned for more of Evan Centopani Nutrition and the first announcement about this booming industry.


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