At A Cross Rhoden – Shawn Rhoden’s 2014 Mr Olympia

Shawn Rhoden spent to make the numbers and being a stranger in her first professional show IFBB have a great year in 2012 by winning two shows and placing third in the Mr. Olympia.

This year so far …

Earlier this year, Shawn Dennis Wolf placed second at the Arnold Classic in Columbus Ohio, and a week later went on to compete and win in the Pro FitX Australia in 2014, taking a much improved bonac William.

Shawn Rhoden

This year, Shawn was scheduled to compete in various shows in the IFBB Pro circuit between the Arnold Classic (Columbus, Ohio) and Mr. Olympia which would certainly have collected some paychecks and raises its profile to another level.

Screen Shot 07.18.2014 at 9.39.33 amIt Shawn was not yet; broke his foot on April 12, prompting speculation that perhaps even sees Shawn on stage again this year. Shawn remained positive and quickly set his sights on the Olympia this year statement released with the following …

“The last few days have been a learning experience. Doy crazy for having to use a wheelchair and / or crutches for daily cope respect.’m even more motivated and will be pushing the boundaries to come back with a bang for Olympia this year. “Shawn Rhoden

Shawn Rhoden

Shawn Will retains its Top 5 placement?

Racing after a broken foot in Olympia a strong line-up of this type will be difficult for Shawn, as many of the estimated ‘Top 5 contenders’ not about the problems you are currently facing. When you start to list some of the names out of the obvious top two candidates Kai Greene and Phil Heath, are some up-and-coming guys with the likes of Mamdouh Elssbiay, Justin Compton, Roelly Winklaar, and of course some of the most established / experienced bodybuilders like Dexter Jackson and Dennis Wolf, who certainly retain a higher bet 5 finish.

With common names provided to compete, and preparation interrupted Shawn – I would have to bet NO. In saying this, we all saw the transformation that made placing fourth in the Flex Pro earlier this year, for placing third in the Mr. Olympia in 2012 If Rhoden can nail his conditioning 100%, and possibly get some guys to sleep, there may be a chance that it could end “Top 5”

Shawn Rhoden Transformation Rhoden Dexter’s next?

At 39 years old, Rhoden may be getting near its peak. Many thought that after the transformation he made in 2012, could make another big leap and be a real contender Olympia within the next few years, but it just was not-being.

Shawn Rhoden Transformation

If Shawn has come close to maxing out your physique in terms of muscle mass, which may be able to become a bodybuilder ‘type Dexter Jackson, however, this is reduced to be consistent with your fitness.

What do we mean by the next Dexter?

Dexter is super consistent and plays more than the average IFBB Pro. Through Dexter consistency and the number of programs competing in, Dexter is rewarded with a good placement and occasionally a surprise when other guys slip. Shawn will have a long career as a professional, lines and shape it resembles the young Flex Wheeler, so I do not see him lose in the short term and in the longevity of the likes of Toney Freeman, Dexter Jackson, Ed Nunn, all is well on the professional scene IFBB well into the 40s – we believe that Shawn is like the good way, and if Shawn ends his career with a record similar to the likes of Dexter Jackson competition (which I remind you includes Olympia title) you’ll have to be considered one of the greatest in bodybuilding.


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