Jonathan Delarosa

Place of Birth: New York, NY
Leagues: IFBB
Competition Weight: 225 lbs
Off-Season: 265 lbs
Age: 30
If it were not for the father of Jonathan Delarosa, Delarosa not be the bodybuilder it is today.
Jonathan Delarosa

Not only was his father the most muscular fathers all his friend’s parents, but also maintain current bodybuilding magazines in the house selection. Without much thought, Delarosa training began imitating his father when his father and a protein shake Delarosa ask the exact same mix. The training helped win a place in its high school basketball, a sport he continued to play through high school all spending hours on his part in the gym trying to become a better athlete.

After a successful four years in college basketball and high school football, with a few games left in his last football Delarosa shattered coccyx and sacrum leaving him bedridden for six months. As the weeks passed, his muscles withered. But at Delarosa soon as he was back in his He entered the gym on the hardest training I ever had and the fulfillment of dream newfound feet – to compete in a bodybuilding contest. Since then he has gone pro and competed in dozens of events.


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