Dennis Wolf ‘ Secret Weapon For This Year’s Olympia 2014


Striking a career peak when winning the Arnold Classic last March Dennis Wolf tried a couple of new things that will further adjust for the Olympia contest to be held at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas on 19 and 20 September.

It was in Columbus last March I knew I had finally cracked the “peak and hold” riddle that had come unstuck seen in previous contests outputs. The most notorious case was in the 2011 Mr. Olympia. He drew number one and so was the first to make their representatives. It came as huge and as complete as the bank account of Bill Gates. There was an audible sigh combined the expectant crowd, and NPC and IFBB honcho Jim Manion said later, “At the time I thought well might be a surprise here -. Del dangerous” this guy However, as the prejudging progressed Dennis faded, became flatter and smoother and shifted to fifth.

Man stacking contest 272 pounds on your body ready to win the 2014 Arnold says of his tribulations during peak hours, “Throughout my career has been a major theme my condition correctly and fluctuating over the last couple of days before a competition and then during the event itself. At Olympia last year, with the help of a friend in Germany, I realized how to put that right. Indeed not nail it 100 percent in 2013 Olympia, but as it was my first race with this trick, then modified it a little more in the Arnold and it was even better – especially at night I still was not right on the button,. I peeked the day before and lost a bit. but now, having gone through this new handling twice am sure that I can be at my best ever – in terms of fullness, dryness and condition -. At the Olympia in September, I’ll be in all the prejudging and finals. ”

So what exactly is this new secret?”Asked the inquisitive type.

Back pragmatic response was, “If I told you it would not be a secret.”


The first three in 2013: From left to right; Wolf (third), Heath (first), Greene (2nd).
It is more than a cliche; it is a truism that to get the reigning or you have to beat them at their own game. After Olympia Dorian Yates first wins in 1992, a large loop size and became the targets of most of its rivals. Absorbing the crushing disappointment of his controversial defeat in 2001 Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler bent down and went to church in the style of his enemy and finally Coleman relegated to second place in the battle for the Olympia 2006.

WOLF vs. HEATH Bicep

Already in 2011, when he won his first Olympia, I wrote to Phil Heath, “In the course” Aesthetic rampage vs. freak “, Phil Heath overrides any discussion. He is the hybrid: First Aesthetic Freak” Therefore, if history is anything to go by the best hope of unseating an aesthetic monster fall on someone who has similar credentials. Cue, Dennis Wolf, it definitely has that “Wow!” Factor. I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating that when comes in vast width apart immediately attracts attention. This width is enhanced by dramatic narrowing sweep her narrow waist and contour your thighs burning. He has great lines and only so much space that outsizes everyone else, especially in the first two fills poses – front biceps and front lat spread. Rhomboids his double biceps back is the most spectacular in the business, and when it is full and he is an awesome bodybuilder.

Wolf and Heath go at it since last year.
Of course criticism of the shallowness in the lower back and calves abound underpay. Ask him about that and he said, “Genetically this is my turn, I can only do so much. I cannot get my lower back just hang there like Dorian Yates. I’ve Improved in the last two years and will do the you can. Regarding my calves, “she laughs out loud,” I do not know what is happening there. I’ve tried all the systems out there for calves — I have no clue. But, I still think I can continue to improve those areas and when I finished doing everything I can and see where I can go.”


Personally I do not think the big thick assemblers help her look. I believe the narrow waist of the back adds to the effect of the width of show-stopping through the shoulder area and makes your upper body more dramatic sweep. And not to minimize the development of beef, or lack of, never hurt Ronnie Coleman.

The key to any shootout between Wolf and Heath will do, focus on the first two poses of comparison. When compared on the front biceps and front lat with Phil, the size and development of Lobo extends only dwarfs all. It will be interesting to see how the new Dennis “I have secret” Lobo will use its size and presence in the Olympia this year. If the giant nails reigning Germans may well have to also nail to stop the threat.


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